Wednesday, March 22, 2006

And finally: My new home

Okay, so now it's reality - I am living here:

Don't ask me why this house looks so tilted on the picture, actually it feels quite safe to be here.

What else happened? I had a lovely visitor from Berlin, so I was also tempted to go out a little more than usual. I forgot my keycard for getting into work and promptly received a call about it - that's what being married must be like! So thanks to you my dear visitor, it was a really good time with you.

Work is going fine, somehow I got the flu over the last couple of days. Nothing too dramatic, apples each day should help me survive this difficult situation.

A new home, a new life ...

So finally it happened: I left my top-floor apartment for a new place. And to assure proper documentation of the hotel this is the view out of the window (to the north unfortunately, so not over the river towards Boston, but still some nice impressions of the industrial area):

(view to the left and ...)

view to the right

There was a TV which captured my attention.. eh, only from time to time, very rarely of course... and please watch the painting on the wall (not sure about the artist though)

And unavoidable - Mr Nerd in front of the computer. (Well visible is the twisted spine due to hours sitting in exactly this position.)