Sunday, April 09, 2006

New York

Two weeks ago we (Paz and I) also went to New York for the weekend. Quite unusal not to go to work for a few days, but I got used to it - and I was very grateful actually!! NY is a great place (don't beat me, but I would probably even prefer it over London). Some pictures if you desire:

At Times Square

Quite far up north (around 70th street or so)

Washington Square. Now, isn't that a real man?!

Ground Zero today.

Impressions of Boston

For the last two weeks (ok, now it's already two weeks ago again) Paz was visiting me - she was so kind to send me some of the photos she's taken so here we go (Thanks, Paz!! Not only for that of course):
View across river Charles, towards Boston

View from the Prudential Tower / Restaurant on the 52nd (?) floor

A random (but pretty typical) corner somewhere in Boston

Beacon Hill - Boston's cosy neighbourhood

If A ...
... then B

Hmm, maybe it was a little too much coffee that day?!