Sunday, February 12, 2006

"If you don't like the weather in Boston - just wait a minute" OR: Surviving the First Blizzard

I already realized it some time ago: The weather over here in New England is pretty volatile. When I arrived it was 10 degrees plus (Celsius; 50 F) and now it's a few degrees below zero again (25 F or thereabouts).

As a colleague at work told me people over here even coined a phrase for it: "If you don't like the weather in Boston, just wait a minute" - well, the question is only if it gets better or even worse!

Today I had the pleasure to experience one of the extreme weather conditions up here in the northeast of the US, the first Blizzard of 2006. I heard about it in the news, "severe weather alert", but didn't think much of it - I just stuck to the zeroth-order approximation of tomorrow's weather: It's most likely to be just like today! Definitely not true this time though ... not the slightest snow yesterday, but as impartial evidence a picture taken from my hotel room earlier today is shown below:

Wide-angle live stereo view from my hotel room, 12 Feb 2006, 1:12pm EST. Pretty much snow, uh?

So what do we learn from that? Listen to those weather people, sometimes they even get it right!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Andreas, I can't see the video, it's just an empty white box! Are you still looking at your old email address mail at andreas bender de? I wrote something about Sudoko the other day, but heard nothing from you yet.
How is it going? I am pretty busy in the moment, but going to a trip to Warwick and Stratford tomorrow.
More (probably in german) to follow.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Andreas,
also "Olympische Winterspiele" auch in Boston. Das Weitwinkel-Originalbild einer Digitalcamera wäre hier schon nicht schlecht. Wie hoch lag denn der Schnee in den Strassen? In der Tageschau im Fernsehen hatte man über New York berichtet, 75cm Schnee in kurzer Zeit? Hattest ja schon einige tolle Erlebnisse.