Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Saying goodbye ...

... well I found a new room to stay so I'm going to leave my top floor apartment in the next couple of weeks (no haste please!). No more scrambled egg for breakfast (no roast potatoes either - still didn't try them, but should I start now?!), noone washing my towels. Will I die as a bum? Only time will tell.

Funny coincidence when I had a look at my room ronight: My very friendly roomate Cheh (name slightly changed for safety reasons - Cheh, huhu if you are reading this :-) told me that another future flatmate was around as well and was just studying the contract ... well, then I had a closer look at this guy and noticed that I've known him from dinner at a colleagues' place a couple of weeks ago! Increadible how small this world is, or at least the housing market in a place like this ... but trust me, I found a very nice and bright room which is just lacking some decent furniture (actually any furniture at all). Future adventures to be read at this place - where else!

1 comment:

Erika said...

No more scrambled eggs for breakfast?! Think of your cholesterol level and don't worry ;-)
And after all: if you miss it that much I'm sure you'll find all the necessary to make them yourself... hehehe

Greetings from your homeland