Thursday, June 08, 2006

Spring is travel time ...

It's been some time since last telling the whole world here about my good and bad deeds at this esteemed Internet location - but trust me, even if tempted I won't start waffling about that now.

Just a short update: The next days will start this year's travel season, bringing me to West Haven, CT, and afterwards to Venice and, finally, to good old Berlin for a couple of days. A new mobile is waiting for me with an integrated camera, so hopefully I will be able to illustrate lots of illustrious moments thereafter... at least something to look forward to after weeks and weeks without much happening here (shame on me!).

Enjoy yourself - and talk to you soon!


Anonymous said...

Hello !

Best regards from Belgium !


Blackpool Hotels said...

Winter is travel time i like spain or cyprus in winter :)