Friday, October 20, 2006

Travel Pics

Sunset on deck 9.

Deck 11. Two swimming pools and an open air bar.

Deck 11 again - on the day we arrived. First time travelling the sea.

Someone on his balcony. Background: Geneva.

Midnight snacks. (Don't ask - not a single dish got finished!)

Malta. And: Sania.

Shop in Malta.

Relaxing in Valencia with our perfect tour guide: Paz. Having some local refreshment. (Well, Vodka/Orange it seems.)

Welcome to Tunisia. They seem to have a different language down there.

The nerdcrew. (Still in Tunisia.)

Overwhelmed by meaning. God almighty, stand by me!

"Captain's Dinner", last night of the cruise. "He" came down and had dinner with us. What's not shown is the Asian guy throw*ng up right next to our table. Well - it was a cruise!

London now. A night down the pub with "the boys".

Cambridge/England. Scenic street.

Visiting a proper English pub. Cheers!

Showing off my birthday presents. Nice, I must say.

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Frank said...

Interesting photos. You have a nice blog. Keep it up!