Saturday, March 03, 2007

India, the second trip

Ok, ok ... actually I have already been back for a couple of weeks by now but I have to admit - I was a bit lazy posting pictures of the trip here. But finally - here we go!

That was actually before the trip - for some reason there were a couple of really comfortable chairs at Boston Logan where you could watch the sun rise:

We have been to Pune first but also spent a couple of days in Mumbai. That's a park in downtown Mumbai, close to Victoria Terminus. Quite interesting architecture around the park!

The proof we really went to India for a conference: Karthikeyan from NCL Pune, the conference organizer, in the middle, with a lot of young and old cheminformaticians around him.

Conference lunch - brings not only impeccable food but also sunshine and a good scientific discussion!

Yes, a little difficult to see, but - that's the preparations for the conference dinner, in the form of a nice garden party at still around 85F (close to 30 degrees Celsius)! Lots of food in the background, waiting to be eaten after a long conference day.

And the garden party in action - intercultural exchange, the stupid tourist can easily be identified by the base cap he's wearing ... ahem ...

I have to admit - I wasn't here in person, that's a place in southern India. Thank you to Anamika for the pictures, I should definitely go there next time I visit India!

Read the tourist guide, and you can be sure to meet just tourists in the places you visit .. that's at Cafe Leopold, downtown Mumbai. Don't ask me why they mention it as a "must see!", I definitely prefer our favorite restaurant, the Gaylord, a million times over!

Bye bye India, see you next time ... not precisely the right order, actually this was the first night at the guest house of the National Chemical Laboratory, sampling the 16 year old cold distilled Glenlivet ...


Lyosha said...

Hey, Andy! Really cool to see you traveling the world! I think the SSdV has done a superb job preparing us for it ))) And it seems to me that cheminformatics is really in coming... just be careful that your job @ Novartis is not outsourced to... well, you know to where :_))))

Anonymous said...

Sania Mirza

Nitin Chitranshi said...

Hey Sir,It was a nice blog to know u much more personly...tarvelling all over the globe is the nice experience for you....hope to meet u soon...and wish to learn much more from you!!!!!!!!!!