Monday, July 07, 2008

One day in Bangalore in pictures ...

... from the most important point of view, that is: food-wise! So after experimenting with the different varieties a bit here comes my now-typical breakfast and dinner dish:

a) Breakfast Winner: Onion Dosa

It might sound unusual to someone from Europe, but a healthy portion of onion never hurts - and this is also true for breakfast. Made from rice and skinned lentils, served with coconut and some kind of spicy chutney. Of course, for breakfast only the spicy one will do!

The genesis of precisely the dosa shown above:

The batter above, the onions below. Batter on the hot plate, and a handful of onions on top. Fry for about a minute. Turn, fry for 2 minutes from the onion side.

Checking the state of the dosa (still frying the bottom part).

The guys from the kitchen having fun with the chef. As you can see in the background, now two round entities are getting ready to feed someone hungry for breakfast. The expert knows: The right one will be an onion dosa, the left one a plain dosa that will stand upright, looking like a cone, a bit more crispy than the (my!) onion dosa on the right.

b) Dinner Winner: Paneer Hyderabadi

Certainly my winner when it comes to dinner! Served with (who could have guessed!) onions - but they, so to speak, have a different 'purpose' than at breakfast. While prepared as Onion Dosa they are quite mild (since fried), the dinner onions are a bit more spicy. Though with the juice of the lemon-like fruit they are served with (which one is that actually) they become quite 'juciy' and sweet - so overall the onions are quite useful to 'refresh your mouth' during after dinner. Quite a lucky coincidence that I really like onions.

Here we are - refreshing my mouth with a good slice of onion while having the good Panner Hyderabadi. Let's see what the kitchen will surprise me with next time - I will keep you posted! Take care - Andreas

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