Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tough times

Two days ago Bangalore...

... and yesterday Ahmedabad. Locals told me that this was the first time Bangalore was under attack - usually religiously motivated attacks plague Mumbai or cities in the north of the country.

I was visiting a Bangalorian drug discovery company during the time of the bombs. My trip back home reminded me of a situation a few years back. I have just had an interview with an agrochemical company near London, at that time for a postdoctoral position. While having interviews and presentations all day the London bombings took place. When going to the train station by cab, which took several hours since the streets were jammed, a strange atmosphere lay upon the city. The drive back through Bangalore on Friday reminded me of that situation. Time stands still during those hours.

In particular after meeting so many welcoming locals during my time here I wish that this will not be a bad sign for the future. I absolutely love this country and want it to be as peaceful and prosperous as possible. (I am not expert enough regarding the internal political and religious structure of India so I will not voice any opinion other than this personal impression here.)

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