Sunday, August 31, 2008

NCL Pune

Of course a visit to India wouldn't be complete without seeing one man - Karthikeyan from NCL Pune. A short e-mail he wrote to get in touch, and a collaboration was established that lasted for years in the past, and certainly for many more years in the future. From what I recall he is my first cheminformatics colleague in India I was ever working with, so of course I was honored to spent a few days in Pune during my stay as well.

My welcome at the airport was particularly nice this time, including a flower bouqet.

While in Pune, Karthikeyan organized a cheminformatics workshop for about 30-40 participants which was held at NCL, where also the first Indian cheminformatics conference was taking place in 2007. This time the atmosphere was more informal and led to several interesting scientific contacts I will surely follow up in th

Some work...

... and a visit at a local store ...

... was followed by a Good-Night Dosa for dinner. Not the first time I came to Pune, and certainly not the last!

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