Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chennai and back to Bangalore

Finally some summer! After Singapore the IIT Madras and Madras University were on my schedule, where I enjoyed interaction with the faculty and talks in front of very engaged students - as I am in fact used to here in India. Just yesterday, after the presentations were over, I managed to take a day off to visit Marina Beach - the second longest beach in the world. It was good to have some proper sunshine and heat for a day - I like it if you really feel which time of the year it is; summer needs sunshine, winter needs snow. (The only problem with my theory is that in late August it's not exactly summer in Chennai, but for a guy like me from western Europe it certainly feels like a pretty decent summer also during that time of the year.)

Setting up shop on Marina Beach.

Having fun in front of the 'cameraman'.

Waiting for the big wave of visitors during the night - only tourists (like me) go to the beach during the day. Next time I am here I will visit in the evening as well to have a look around.

Bathing the cow.

Washing fish.


Entrance close to Chennai Central train station.

Time to go back to Bangalore - taking the 'Bangalore Mail' overnight train.

A package for Babu in Calicut. Babu must be a very well-known person as it seems.

You have only been to India if ... well, there are many 'if's', but one of them is 'if your name has been on a train reservation chart'. See below - third in the list, now I have been to India.

Good night Chennai, good morning Bangalore ... and peaceful views of the Indian countryside at all times.


Lyosha said...

Andreas, what a world traveler have you become ))

In a few months (or years) after I graduate I intend to follow your footsteps

Keep in touch!
(just don't rename your blog to often! ;) //


Ashu B said...

hey,its truely appreciable nice pics specialy the beach seems you had a gala time there

James- SEO Expert said...

Andy ! Visit there in night time. You will get 200% fun. Visit Goa if you wish to visit good beaches. :) There are more tourists and more beaches.

James from hotels tenerife

Unknown said...

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