Sunday, August 31, 2008


3 days in Singapore - mostly for work (visiting Novartis / NITD) but also to have a look around town. This city/state is quite different from what I have seen before. The number of people - fine, India is not sparsely populated either. Initially I was amazed by the diversity of Western and Asian influences which seem to merge - at first sight - into a colorful blend in this city. The problem: It's not really true. Well, to be precise: It's true on some levels, but it's far from true on others. While I was amazed at the flawlessness of construction and organization in every regard, I did not find the heart of the city during my stay. Certainly a challenging city to live in - so maybe I should take on that challenge in the future, let's see.

Ngee Ann City - prototypic shopping center close to my hotel (in the background).

On my way to Biopolis (or actually on the way back from there). Scientific / life science research in Singapore definitely has an interesting type of backing in industry and politics behind it.

Inside Biopolis - the Matrix.

Inside Biopolis - Helios and Nanos buildings.

After my business meetings a day remained to have a look around town a bit more. The Singapore Flyer is certainly one of the bigger wheels I have been on (150 meters in diameters) and it gave a nice view over the city.

Finally, dinner with friends - Shaillay and Philip - after a good stay in town. The view from the restaurant into the city ...

... and the view from the city into the restaurant. Exciting three days - I am very glad I went to Singapore, for the science, to meet friends, and to simply get a first-hand impression of this place. It's very different from what I have seen before, at some stage I still have to go to Hong Kong; visiting - in some regard - similar cities will likely sharpen my eye for their differences.

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Sudhakar Gaikwad said...

Dear Sir,

I am an Indian student. I am working in Medicinal Chemistry Department in Advinus Therapeutics, Pune. I just looked your India trip photographs. Its really nice. I am really impressed to your activities apart from your medicinal research.

I think your coming to India this month. Welcome to India!!!

Is there any plan for Pune? if yes I would like to meet you. I am located in Pune.

With best regards,